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 Needlework Valuation Service 
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 Tapestry, Cross-Stitch, Crewel Embroidery

Your finished needlework is much more valuable than you think.

Yes, you have enjoyed doing it, but you have dedicated many hours and much skill finishing it.

A valuation Certificate is not only a written testimony to your precious time, devotion and talent.

But, Unless you hold acceptable evidence of your needleworks real value, your insurer may not be obliged to compensate you for their loss.

With a recognised valuation certificate your insurer will adjust your policy to include them. In this way your needleworks are fully protected.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Have My Needlework Valued?

The valuation fee is 2% of the replacement value of your work.

For example, if your work were valued at $2,000, the fee would be $40.00 What Do I Receive For This Fee?

  1. An attractive valuation certificate stating details of your work and its declared value. (This certificate is acceptable to your insurer).
  2. Added protection if you ever need to make a claim or replace your work. (We keep a copy of your valuation certificate and a photograph of your work on our files. Should you lose your certificate we can substantiate your claim).
  3. Arrangement to have your work faithfully reconstructed in the event of loss

How Do I Apply For My Needlework To Be Valued?

Simply complete order form (see below) and quote "VEST" in the item code and write "Provision of valuation estimate for # items." (Where # is the number of pictures you are sending.) in the description column.

Also attach to the order form a good clear close up photograph of your work and the following details on a separate page for each picture.

  1. Owners name and address.
  2. Workers name and address.
  3. Title of work.
  4. Description of work.
  5. Type and count of canvas or fabric.
  6. Types and make of yarn.
  7. Dimensions of canvas or fabric (if framed, measure from inside frame).

  8. Description of frame.
  9. Any other distinguishing features.

On receipt of your application we will give you:

  1. An estimate of your work's approximate value, and
  2. A quote on preparing a full valuation and certificate.

There is a $5.00 fee per estimate.

This fee is fully refundable should you wish to proceed with full valuation and certificate.

(Please note: an estimate is not an acceptable substitute for insurance purposes).

Order Forms:

Our order form is available as either a PDF or a World document. Click one of the links below to download the appropriate order form.

Order Form in PDF format
Order Form in Word format

Get Acrobat Reader